Saturday, 11 June 2011

Just a colour?

The colour white?
The colour white is a summer essential. It normally always is but this year it’s an absolute must. The colour is one of the biggest trends right now! It’s simple yet equally stylish and most definitely the key to minimalism. A full white outfit is easy to put together and style. Here are some of my high street favourites...


Friday, 3 June 2011

Pirouette, Arabesque, Battement

This spring’s new obsession is ballet. Ever since the success of the movie Black Swan the ballet fever is running through the fashion industry.  It seems like the nations latest craze is long length pleated skirts and ballet flats. The sudden Hollywood obsession has in fact inspired the fashion industry.  The trend is fashionably chic as well as being a complete contrast to last spring’s catwalk, which focused on the idea of being masculine, using sharp silhouettes such as the biker jacket.  A particular fashion house that’s caught my attention is Chloe with their beautiful sheer chiffon skirts. The style symbolizes romance and mystery like an old fashioned black and white movie. Don’t you agree?  It’s extremely feminine and enchanting. The idea of spending the day floating around in a skirt sounds magical to me. Comfortable as well as fashionable. The two don’t normally mix but in this case there's an exception.  Unlike the previous ridiculous vampire obsession centered on twilight, I actually like the ballet craze and unfortunately have to admit I did get excited when I first heard about it! It made me think back to when I was younger, rushing home from school on a cold rainy Friday wrapped up in my bright pink coat; ballet classes started at four thirty. Who knew ten years later it'd turn into a serious trend? Maybe I’d have taken it more seriously instead of giving up first chance I got. We all wish we were as elegant as a ballerina, I know I do and luckily for us the fashion industry has come up with an easy solution. . . . . 

                                       . . . . . . steal their style!